Distributor Information:

Are you looking to be part of an environmentally conscious brand?  Is your company looking to add compostable disposables to compliment your current product lines? Check out our criteria below to see if we can be a great fit!  After filling out our contact form below, we will get back to you, to start the process of getting set up and approved to become one of our exclusive Bio-Sposables suppliers across North America!

Do you meet the criteria:

  • Registered business operating for at least the last twelve (12) consecutive months
  • Registered business operating in Canada or USA 
  • Distributor or Supplier or Reseller of disposable products (not intended for personal or office use)
  • Have never purchased or sold the Bio-Sposables brand either through a current distributor or other
  • Responsible for purchasing, have the purchasing power or sales of products for your company