Our Story

Bio-SposablesTM started back in the early 2000’s with a corn (PLA) based disposable beer cup that aimed to conquer the disposable beverage cup industry. By using plant-based materials to make disposable cups, our idea was centered around reducing single-use plastics and Styrofoam’s polluting our precious planet one cup at a time! The colossal rise in the ironically Canadian “mountainous” landfills, and their limitations in processing recycling has led to much trash being exported to landfills abroad. This seemed like sweeping our problems under the rug rather than addressing them head on.  A need for a solution arose, and that’s when Bio-SposablesTM  was brought to life.

Our intention is to be part of the disposable waste solution by providing plant-based disposable options throughout the food service and beverage industry. 

The Bio-SposablesTM  product lines has expanded to include cups, lids, take-out containers, food tubs, straws, and more. They are completely plant-based so that your little Jimmy, Timmy, Martha, or Maddie can grow up in a clean and green everlasting world. Everything down to the ink we use are plant based & eco-friendly!

Why Bio-Sposables?

Unlike other eco-packaging brands, who are owned by larger plastic and Styrofoam companies (bet you didn’t know that!),  Bio-SposablesTM is an independently owned Canadian brand that is focused on producing compostable disposables only!  We want to help you prepare for your next take-out & coffee shop ventures, hockey arenas & sporting event concession stands, or your outdoor BBQ food truck & winter maple syrup festivals for all Canadians!

Why the name Bio-Sposables?

Try saying “biodegradable disposable cups” quickly 3 times! Now try telling each person you talk to that you created a line of biodegradable disposable cups, that are plant-made, over and over again!  You will surely find yourself in the midst of a tongue twister, hence the birth of the name Bio-SposablesTM. So much easier to say eh?🍁

What is Bio-Sposables?

Bio-SposablesTM are disposable products made from plant-based resources and are environmentally friendly that when disposed can be reduced to nothing more than plant-based raw materials again! It’s a circular economy for disposable packing.

Powered by the vision of a cleaner future and a darn good French vanilla or iced cap beverage, 20 years later we have expanded our product lines to include many eco-friendly plant-based disposable products.

So far, we have supplied Canadians with over 50+ million plant-made disposables.  This means 50+ million toxic plastics and Styrofoam disposables have been replaced with Bio-SposablesTM.  It is insane to think that this is equivalent to over 200 x CN Towers!