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We want to reduce reliance on petroleum oil-based disposables throughout the food service and beverage take-out packaging industry. The Bio-Sposables brand was created to differentiate between plant-based (PLA) corn cups from traditional plastic or Styrofoam cups packaging. Our ultimate dream goal is to support a circular waste management economy throughout the disposables and packaging industry in Canada. We want our products to come from the Earth and return to the Earth without harming our earth’s soil.

Our Vision

Research and develop new plant-based materials to expand on non-petroleum oil based disposable options. Create partnerships to support a sustainable waste management circular economy throughout Canada so we don’t leave a huge mess for our next generation Canadians!

After all, nobody likes having to wash off any disposable containers before dumping it into the recycle bin. With Bio-SposablesTM it’s as easy as Fold and Dump and place into appropriate industrialized composters! 

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Be responsible. Be plant-based. Be Biosposable.

The Values

Innovation Research and development of annually renewable materials to provide more plant-based disposable options
2 green hands and a leaf with "Sustainability" written in green Provide alternative solutions to petroleum oil-based disposables that support a circular waste management economy
2 green hands doing a handshake with "Partnership" written in green collaborate with distributors, educational institutions and businesses to build and provide sustainable disposable solutions together