8oz Food Tub

Lined with PLA (annually renewable plant-based resources). Our Bio-Sposables™ tubs are non-toxic and contain no plastic or petroleum oil. Great for ice cream, chili and more! Our white FSC certified paper design has simple eco-friendly messaging to let customers know.

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Our Food Tubs are made from annually renewable plant-based resources🌱 By lining our Bio-Sposables™ food tubs with PLA (polylactic Acid) on FSC certified paper, we produce leak proof compostable containers! Our food tubs can be used for hot or cold products. The messaging on our tubs (English & French), is printed with vegetable inks rather than chemical dyes. All raw materials used to produce our products are certified compostable and are all plant-based materials only! This closes the loop in a circular economy by producing no harmful waste or by-products and supporting healthy soils to re-grow annually renewable resources.

*must be placed in an industrialized/commercial compost/not home compost 


  • Uses Plant-Based Renewable Resources only
  • Non-toxic, no plastic, BPA, PFAS & chemical free
  • Our tubs are lined with PLA (polylactic acid) not plastic or petroleum oil
  • Hot or Cold application (up to 100oC/212 oF)
  • Refrigerator & freezer safe, not microwavable
  • Measures 8oz (237ml approx.) when filled to the rim
  • This food tub can be used for side salads, scoop of gelato & more!
  • White tub with compostable messaging that draws attention to your product
  • Shelf life up to 2 years (in cool, dry conditions)
  • Eco-friendly alternative to plastic or Styrofoam containers

12oz  / 16oz / 24oz / 32oz / Food Tub Lid-8

Additional information

Product Code



8oz Bio-Sposables PLA Lined Food Tub

UPC Code

8 71526 00020 7

Product Dimensions

Top Diameter: 90mm
Bottom Diameter: 75mm
Height: 62mm

Case Count


Pack Size

50 pieces x 20 sleeves

Box Size

18x14x20 (inches)

Box Weight

21 lbs

Skid Count

18 cases


✅BPI Certified
✅FSC Certified
✅Ingeo PLA
✅ISO 9001 & ISO 14001


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