Food Tub Lid – 8oz

Made from crystalized PLA (annually renewable plant-based resources). Our Bio-Sposables™ lids contain no plastic or petroleum oil.  They have a raised indented lid with vents to provide you with a leak proof, stackable compostable take-out solution.

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Our cPLA lids are made from annually renewable plant-based resources🌱 By crystalizing poly lactic acid (refined from plant dextrose) we use cutting-edge technology to produce our Bio-Sposables™ food tub lids. They can be used for hot or cold products and has a one lid multi purpose solution. The lid has a raised indentation that make them stackable, and vented to provide a high heat leakproof solution. Resins used to produce our products are certified compostable and are all plant-based materials only! This closes the loop in a circular economy by producing no harmful waste or by-products and supporting healthy soils to re-grow annually renewable resources.

*must be placed in an industrialized/commercial compost/not home compost 


  • Uses Plant-Based Renewable Resources only
  • Non-toxic, no plastic, BPA, PFAS & chemical-free
  • Hot or Cold application (40oC/104 oF)
  • Leakproof, vented raised lid makes them stackable
  • Can be used for ice scream scoops, side soups, to go coffee and more!
  • Provides a one lid fits all solution for multiple take-out options
  • Shelf life up to 1 year (in cool, dry conditions)
  • Eco-friendly alternative to plastic or Styrofoam lids
  • Simple compostable messaging in design
  • cPLA Lid fits our 8oz Food Tub & 10oz – 20oz single wall cups

Pulp Lid

Additional information

Product Code



Bio-Sposables Compostable C-PLA Lids for 8oz

UPC Code

8 71526 00021 4

Product Dimensions

Top Diameter: 90mm

Case Count


Pack Size

25 pieces x 20 sleeves

Box Size

23x10x10 (inches)

Box Weight

8 lbs

Skid Count

48 cases


✅BPI Certified
✅Ingeo PLA
✅FDA, EU Food Safety & SGS


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