PLA Straw-White

Made from PLA (annually renewable plant-based resources). Our eco-friendly Bio-Sposables™ straws are non-toxic and contain no plastic or petroleum oil.  Ideal for cold drinks, juices & more! They feel like conventional straws but won’t get soggy mid-way through your drink!



Our PLA Straws are made from annually renewable plant-based resources🌱 By polymerizing lactic acid (refined from plant starch) we use cutting-edge technology to produce our Bio-Sposables™ PLA straws. They should be used for cold products only and will not get mushy half way through your cold beverage! Resins used to produce our products are certified compostable and are all plant-based materials only! This closes the loop in a circular economy by producing no harmful waste or by-products and supporting healthy soils to re-grow annually renewable resources.

*must be placed in an industrialized/commercial compost/not home compost 


  • Uses Plant-Based Renewable Resources only
  • Non-toxic, no plastic, BPA, PFAS & chemical free
  • Cold application only (40oC/104 oF)
  • Refrigerator and freezer safe
  • Measures 6mm diameter & 7.5″ in length
  • Can be used for iced coffees, smoothies and more! 
  • Our PLA straws will not get soft or melt half way through your cold drink!
  • Shelf life up to 1 year (in cool, dry conditions)
  • Eco-friendly alternative to plastic and paper drinking straws
  • PLA Straws work well with all our cold cups 

Black Straws

Additional information

Product Code



8” PLA Straws White

UPC Code

8 71526 00040 5

Product Dimensions

Top Diameter: 6mm
Bottom Diameter: 6mm
Height: 200mm

Case Count


Pack Size

100 pieces x 50 sleeves

Box Size

14x11x17 (inches)

Box Weight

8 lbs

Skid Count

48 cases


✅BPI certified
✅OK Compost & Seedling
✅FDA, EU Food Safety & SGS
✅LFGB Certified


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